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Middle School 6th-8th              Fall Sports Schedules  2019-2020 TBD
middle School 6th-8th        Winter Sports schedules   2019-2020 TBD
middle school 6th-8th Spring Sports schedules   2019-2020 TBD
winter MS Team Rosters  2019-2020 TBD

Schedules and Rosters

Attention 2019-2020
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High School 9th-12th                  FALL SPORTS SCHEDULEs  2019-2020 TBD
 High school 9th-12th                 Winter Sports Schedules   2019-2020 TBD
High School 9th-12th                Spring Sports Schedules  2019-2020 TBD
Winter HS Team Rosters   2019-2020 TBD

Announcements/Game Changes - Weekly

From The Athletic Director

4th of July Fundraiser!

Parents, coaches and athletes:  Volunteers are still needed in order to fill all slots for this parking fundraiser during the busy holiday weekend.  Boosters has the website below to register you and your athlete for a time slot.  All funds will go to the sport of your choice, or to Boosters Athletics over all.

Thank you for your support!

Click link below