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Athletic Events COVID Protocols and Procedures

For Team Coaches, Players, Trainers, Spectators, Support Groups and Event Staff



All team coaches and players are required to be COVID screened prior to any practice, workout or game.  Screening consists of a temperature check and responding to a COVID specific set of questions.

All Coaches are required to complete the NFHS COVID-19 for Coaches and Administrators course and provide a negative COVID test to the Athletic Department.  Coaches who are fully vaccinated (both shots) are exempt from having to provide a negative test result.

NOTE:  This includes any game help such as scorekeepers, announcers, side and end judges in volleyball, chain crew in football, managers, volunteers, etc.; anyone who assists in the operation of the game. 

FOOTBALL AND CHEER SPECIFIC:  All football players and coaches (and trainers if they are in daily contact) are required to be COVID tested once per week.  Specific individuals within the Athletic Program have been trained to administer the weekly tests.


Each player in each sport will be provided with 4 tickets for entry to their particular sport.  Those tickets are for use by immediate family members ONLY and are sport specific.  Soccer tickets are for soccer games only as are football for football games and volleyball for volleyball games.   

The number of spectators allowed for inside competitions is much less than what is allowed for outside competitions.  On inside competitions, anyone in the gym, including the competitors, count in the number of allowable spectators; outside only the spectators are included in the count.  Therefore the distribution of tickets is as follows:

Football Each player and coach receives 4 tickets

Soccer Each player and coach receives 4 tickets

Volleyball Each Player and coach receives 3 tickets

Cheer Each Participant receives 2 tickets


Cheer is allowed to be in attendance at home games only and is included in any count for allowable totals.  Members must comply with social distancing policies and all other COVID protocols as well as weekly testing.


Under current policies established by opposing teams and the DCSD, no Whittell spectators will be allowed to enter competitive fields or gyms on opponent’s facilities.  


Event staff will be assigned to conduct COVID screenings of opposing teams, all spectators, and officials.  Records of screenings for each event must be kept on site.  Event staff will also be assigned to monitor and enforce COVID guidelines at each event.  Enforcing guidelines includes, but is not limited to, monitoring spectators and gates to ensure unscreened and unapproved guests do not enter the event.  COVID guidelines will be announced in addition to NIAA Sportsmanship announcements whenever an announcer is available.


Teams coaches are responsible for following COVID guidelines set forth by the NIAA and DCSD.  Coaches must report the COVID screening following every practice and game.

Coaches are responsible for screening athletes and coaches prior to leaving the WHS parking lot for any away event.  This screening must be submitted to the office at WHS.  A copy of the COVID screening tool will be presented to the host school upon arrival where athletes and coaches will be temperature checked again by the host school.


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