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A simplified version of Governor Sisolak’s plan for restarting Nevada high school athletics requires each School District to establish a plan within the prescribed Covid safety and health parameters.  


The plan now includes having all Fall sports operational ONLY AFTER THERMOMETERS, ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES AND A SET OF SPECIFIED QUESTIONS ARE PROVIDED BY THE DISTRICT.  COACHES MUST BE ABLE TO MONITOR AND RECORD THESE ACTIONS DAILY.  Until these items are available our facilities our athletic facilities and fields are closed.  


As of today, none of those items are available but should be in place in time for the August start of NIAA approved practice times and dates.  At that time, coaches will be provided with a list of their requirements and precisely how the health guidelines must be met.  There are likely to be changes between now and then so it is best to not publish those now and create confusion among coaches, participants and parents when actually takes place

The safety and health of our athletes and coaches is the primary concern and the strict guidelines will be enforced for all sports throughout the academic year.  All athletes should be certain to complete the RMA requirements so you are ready to go when your sport opens.  If you have any questions about RMA contact Tia Wunder at for all other questions contact me at


2020-2021 schedules will be posted once they are completed.  Make sure to log into, sign up for your sport of choice, upload a recent (within the last two years) physical examination, and you are good to go!  If you have any questions please contact the Athletic Department.


Barton plans on hosting another evening this summer to update any physicals; more information to come!




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