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Middle School Sports

6th-8th Fall Sports 2019-2020 
6th-8th Winter Sports 2019-2020 TBD
6th-8th Spring Sports   2019-2020 TBD

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From The Athletic Director


**12/13: MS Boys Basketball @ Sage Ridge CANCELLED


For the Whittell tournament game times please see the word documents on the right.


Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! 

For weekly schedules please see your Warrior Weekly, any last minute changes will be posted here and through

High School Sports November:

12/2: MS Boys Basketball @ North Tahoe MS 6/7th: 4pm & 8th: 3pm

12/3: MS Boys Basketball vs North Tahoe MS 6/7th: 4:30pm & 8th: 3:30pm

12/4: MS Boys Basketball vs Excel 6/7th: 4:30pm & 8th: 3:30pm

12/5: MS Boys Basketball @TEA 6/7th: 4pm & 8th: 5pm

12/5: Varsity Basketball vs Round Mt (WREC Tournament) Girls:12pm & Boys: 1:30pm  

12/5: Varsity Basketball vs Carlin (WREC Tournament) Girls: 6pm & Boys: 7:30pm

12/6: Varsity Basketball vs Owyhee (WREC Tournament) Girls: 10:30pm &Boys: 12pm

12/7: Varsity Basketball vs Tonopah (WREC Tournament) Girls: 8:30am & Boys 10am

12/11:  Whittell Invitational Varsity vs Owyhee Girls: 6pm&  Boys: 7:30 pm

12/12: Whittell Invitational Girls Varsity vs Lone Pine: 4:30pm & Boys vs Eureka 5:45pm 

12/13: Whittell Invitational Girls Varsity vs N Tahoe 5pm & Boys vs Coral Academy 6:10pm

**12/13: MS Boys Baksetball @ Sage Ridge 6/7th: 2:45pm & 8th: 3:45pm

12/14: Whittell Invitational vs Silver Stage Girls: 3pm & Boys: 4pm

12/17: Ski team @ Alpine 10:00am




High School Sports

High School 9th-12th                Spring Sports Schedules  2019-2020 TBD