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Period Start Time End Time
1st Period 7:25am 8:25am 
2nd Period 8:29am 9:29am
Nutrition 9:29am 9:44am
3rd Period 9:48am 10:48am
4th Period 10:52am 11:52pm
M.S. Lunch/
H.S. Advisory
11:52pm  12:22pm
M.S. Advisory/
H.S. Lunch
12:22pm 12:52pm
5th Period 12:56pm 1:56pm
6th Period 2:00pm 3:00pm 

Bell Schedules

2018-2019 School Calendar - click here to print (pdf)

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PLC Day Bell Schedule
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  Start Time End Time
Nutrition 8:55am 9:06am 
1st Period 9:10am  9:55am 
2nd Period 9:59am  10:44am 
3rd Period 10:48am  11:33am 

M.S.Lunch/H.S. Advisory

11:33am  12:03pm
M.S.. Advisory/ H.S. Lunch 12:03pm  12:33pm 
4th Period 12:37pm 1:22pm
5th Period 1:26pm 2:11pm
6th Period 2:15pm 3:00pm
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