Support Staff




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Crespin Esquivel, Principal | read Principal's Message
Leticia Beltran, Head Secretary
Bernadette Esquivel, Attendance/Registrar

Estela Gerlinger, Counselor


Phil Bryant, Dean/Athletic Director
Becca Gore, Athletic/Dean's Secretary


Teaching Staff

Michael Ashton, PreCalc/Trig, Geometry, Algebra 1

Michele Black, Art 1, Ceramics, Art 7/8 

Steve Maltase, Weight Training, PE

Emily Hunter, PE, Weight Training, 7/8 PE

Madeline Cronk, Forensics, Science 8, Biology (AP), MS Comp Science

Elizabeth Eubanks, Beginning Band, Band, Guitar, Orchestra

Jeremy Hight, Math 7, US Government (AP), College Planning/Econ

James Hynes, Spanish 1-3, English 1

Catherine Johnson, World History, English 1 (H), English 4 (AP), Psychology

Patrick Kelly, Social Studies 7, US History 8, US History, US History (AP)

Mallory DeGregori, English 8, English 4, Read 180-MS,

Katie Martin, Journal/Yearbook, Culinary, Leadership, Culinary 7/8
Courtney Sant, Survey of Math, Algebra 2, Accelerated Math 7/8

Robin Reyes, English 2, English 4, English 7, US Government, Drama/Speech

Sherry Mitchell, Special Education HS

Monique Condon, Special Education MS

Brian Rippet, Chemistry, Science 7, Chemistry (AP), Principle of Physics

Phil Sorensen, Human Anatomy, Science 7, Physics, Biology

Susan Van Doren, Comp. Science Principles (AP), English 3 (AP), Computer Science A (AP), English 2 (H), Intro to Computer Science


Toni Samuel, Librarian | website
Toni Renck


Chad Hinton, Kitchen Manager

Kelvin Briggs, Kitchen Helper

Ramiro Oropeza, Head Custodian
Kristi Morgan, Program Aide
Misty Closson, Lake Transportation Supervisor

Welcome to the 2014/2015 school year. If you are new to the area, the office is now open for a registration packet. Please complete the packet and return with all of the required forms to Mrs. Esquivel. Please call for an appointment at 775-588-2446. She will also schedule an appointment with the counselor for you as well to discuss a class schedule.


If you plan on participating in a fall sport, please click on the athletics link above and towards the bottom of that page you will find a link for the GWHS Sports Packet. This packet must be completed and turned in before you can practice. Note the athletic fee has increased to $35 plus $10 for your Student Body Card for a total of $45.




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